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Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV)

The elite Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV) designation was created for vendors who recognize the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery best practices – those with the same level of commitment to the resilience profession as the clients they serve. Holding a CBCV gives your clients a level of confidence that you know exactly what they deal with on the job and tell them you know how best to meet their needs. This certification is also valuable for former DRI Certified Professionals who have moved into management positions or are otherwise no longer active business continuity practitioners but still recognize the attraction of keeping a DRI certification. Because there are no Certified Education Activity Points required, it’s easy to maintain your certification.

The Certification Process

The CBCV designation is for individuals with some knowledge in business continuity planning, but who are non-practitioners within an organization; rather they provide services to the industry and have acquired the necessary experience for certification.

Any certified professional holding the active status of ABCP, CFCP, CBCP, or MBCP may enhance their certification by completing the application requirements for CBCV. Those wishing to remain at the CBCV level of certification need only to pay their annual fee to maintain the active status of their certification.

CBCV Certification Details (DRI Serbia authorized fees)

Prerequisite Exam: Qualifying Examination
Prerequisite Course: None
Application Fee: $300 US Dollars
Annual Renewal Fee: $175 US Dollars
Years of Experience: 2 Years
Subject Matter Area Essays (SMEs): None
References Required: 2 per subject matter area
Waivers Available: None

To apply for CBCV certification, all applicants must:

  1. Pass the Qualifying Examination.
  2. Submit an application to confirm the experience of the candidate by logging in to your DRI account.

Important Note : If you have previously achieved a DRI International certification and have maintained it in good standing, you are not required to re-take the exam. When your application is approved, DRI International will notify you of your professional certification status and recertification period, and usage requirements for the CBCV logo and service marks.