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Business Continuity Plans

Testing & Exercising

"An Untested Plan is Only a Strategy". Are your business continuity plans still relevant & aligned with your organziation's requirements and direction?

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) testing and exercising are essential Business Continuity Management Program (BCM) activities, which enhance your Operational Readiness.

Once the plans are developed and implemented, they will have to be tested and exercised to remove any potential gaps between plans and your organization’s business continuity requirements. 

Business Continuity Exercises, such as Tabletop exercises or Functional testing, will identify gaps in your Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery plans and ensure their readiness for crises.

Some of the benefits of the BCP testing and exercising in your organization:

  • Capacity to effectively respond to man-made, weather-related, technology-related and other risks and threats
  • Assurance that your most valued assets, your people, will know how to react and what to do when disaster strike
  • Senior leadership confidence that your mission-critical business functions and services will be operational within the required timeframe

Some of the exercise scenarios to consider:

  • People-related (staff loss, terrorism, pandemic-related, etc.)
  • Cyber-related Incidents/Privacy breach (e.g. DDoS, ransomware/extortion, etc.)
  • Facility/natural events related incidents (e.g. sinkhole, tornado, power outage, etc.)
  • IT Infrastructure related incidents (e.g. datacenter failures, IT components failures, Application Outages, etc)
  • And other scenario types

Why should you outsource your organization’s BCM Testing and Exercising Activities?

  • It will provide an objective, critical third-party view of your BCM Program maturity level
  • It will ensure that your BCM Program meet’s operational resiliency requirements
  • It will reinforce management buy-in into all BCM Program activities

We also offer Business Continuity Management Training Courses including the Disaster Recovery Insitute (DRI) BCP EXR Workshop.

Business Continuity Exercise Packages

Smaller Organizations


  • Est. 10 days Level of Effort
  • Exercise scenario with 1 inject
  • Up to 3 hours Exercise
  • After Action Report, Recommendations for Improvements
Mid-sized Organizations


  • Est. 15 days Level of Effort
  • Exercise scenario with 2 injects
  • Up to 4 hours Exercise
  • After Action Report, Recommendations for Improvements
Larger Organizations


  • Est. 20 days Level of Effort
  • Exercise scenario with 3 injects
  • Up to 6 hours Exercise
  • After Action Report, Recommendations for Improvements

All Business Continuity Exercise Packages will be executed remotely in English with MS Teams Online Platform.
We service clients all over the world. We also offer advisory services.



Business Continuity Plans (BCP) Testing,  Walk-trough and Simulation Testing, Tabletop and Functional Exercises


IT Disaster Recovery Plan Testing,  Cyber Security Response Plans Testing (e.g. Ransomware response)